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Gstic Pack focuses on supplying an array of business sectors including restaurants, cafes, airlines, and more. Everything from sourcing, manufacturing, stocking, and delivery is included in a highly efficient and customizable package for your needs. Our portfolio features collaboration with world known brands including Emirates, Saudi Airlines, KFC, Americana, Etihad, and more.
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Gstic Pack

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Gstic Pack has over 500 SKUs for airlines as well as restaurants and cafes


Having served various global brands, Gstic Consumables is ready to handle your business’s needs


Having built economies of scale in many SKUs Gstic can provide competitive product and/or basket rates
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Airline In flight equipment

Food Products for Cafes

Take away Food Packaging

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One stop shop for all the products that airlines and restaurants need.
Economies of Scale: Competitive Pricing
Customized Solutions: Customized packaging solutions for all your needs
Help Franchises Organize their supply chain to avoid any issues (delays)
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Global Sources from 10+ Countries

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